Special Trains List For Diwali 2013 Festival | Puja Special Trains Reservation

Special Trains List For Diwali 2013 Festival | Puja Special Trains Reservation:

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The Special Trains for the Diwali 2013 festivals for major cities of India had been recently announced by the India Railway department to reduce the rush in trains.

The Diwali 2013 special trains had been announced for all major cities in India and the passengers can check for the seat availability and can make the reservation of tickets and also the online ticket booking at IRCTC.

This Special trains will be running from the month of October 2013 and November 2013 for the Diwali Festival and Puja Festival in India.

Special Trains for Diwali 2013:

Train number 02701 starts from Secunderabad at 11.45 pm and reach Mumbai LT station at 5.05 pm.

Train number 02702 starts from Mumbai LT at 8.50 pm and reach Secunderabad at 1.45 pm.

Train number 07127 starts from Shalimar at 11.05 am and reach Secunderabad at 3.00 am.

Train number 07128 starts from Nampally at 9.50 pm and reach Shalimar at 3.00 am.

Train number 07149 starts from Secunderabad at 07.30 hrs and reach Guwahati at 07.55 hrs.

Train number 07150 starts from Guwahati at 06.00 hrs and reach Secunderabad at 09.15 hrs.

Train number 07203 starts from Secunderabad at 11.15 and reach Vijayawada at 5.00 am.

Train number 07204 starts from Vijayawada at 11.00 pm and reach Secunderabad at 5.20 am.

Train number 07405 starts from Aurangabad at 6.40 pm and reach Tirupati at 7.00 pm.

Train number 07406 starts from Tirupati at 9.15 pm and reach Aurangabad at 8.30 pm.

Train number 07605 starts from Mangalore at 8.00 pm and reach Mangalore at 3.40 am.

Train number 07606 starts from Kachiguda at 6.00 am and reach Mangalore Central station at 11.20 am.

Train number 08059 starts from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at 00.45 hrs. and reach Santragachi at 8.00 hrs.

Train number 08060 starts from Santragachi at 06.05 hrs. and reach Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at 13.35 hrs.


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