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Andhra Pradesh State Festival Calendar 2014 for Telugu Public in India

The Festivals in the state of Andhra Pradesh dictates the public holidays in every calendar month in 2014. Andhra Pradesh has people of cosmopolitan with different religious customs and culture of the state. There are mostly muslims and telugu golti people in ap following telugu calendar 2014 and islamic calendar 2014 apart from other communities like tamils, oriyans celebrating festivals. The public national holidays are fixed by the government

Festivals Calendar Holidays 2014 for Arunachal Pradesh Public

if it is Festivals in the state of Arunachal Pradesh then there exist or not exist holidays in state calendar 2014 people go off on leave to celebrate the unique festivals of arunachal pradesh as it is a socio-cultural life of arunachal. Agriculture is the main part of the arunachal pradesh state and their celebration festivals are attached to it. One can find hindu, muslim, christian celebrating their major festivals according to their own cale…

2014 Assam State Public Festivals Calendar Holidays in India

An assamese calendar 2014 is most prevalent to Festivals in Assam celebrated as  it observes all religious festivals from citizens to tribes with colorful thoughts. Some of the major festival where the state of assam calendar shows holiday is none other than Bihu. The bihu falls on 3 months of calendar in namely 2014 Bohag Bihu / Rongali Bihu in April calendar 2014 Magh Bihu / Bhogali Bihu in January month 2014 Kati Bihu / Kongali Bihu in Oct /…

Bihari's Festival Calendar Holidays of Bihar State in 2014

The bihar Festivals calendar of india in 2014 has only less holidays in 2014. At the same time it has traditional festivals celebrated every calendar year alike in upcoming 2014 year. Bihar festivals and events are very ancient that are still followed and have a place in present calendar 2014. In the calendar state of bihar there is no calendar for biharis if there is not a holiday on Chatth Puja 2014 that is observed two times in a year in 2014